TOP 10 NEW Remarkable Tech Ideas That Are Changing The Perspective of Weddings in 2019 And You Need To SEE Them

TOP 10 NEW Remarkable Tech Ideas That Are Changing The Perspective of Weddings in 2019 And You Need To SEE Them

Planning your wedding could never be easier. Technology is increasing and innovating every year. We are constantly keeping our eyes on what is new in the industry, and here we are sharing all the information with you.

In this world, there are two extremes: one promoting the “old-school” style in planning your wedding, and the other one promoting innovation, embracing the wedding technology. We are not “old-school” today … we are about to amaze you with all the ideas below. Stole some and create your own unique wedding experience!



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#1 Wearable Wedding Technology that tracks your heart beats

What if you could see your exact heart rate when you kiss your partner? Couples are crazy about wearing fitness bracelets on their wedding day.

At the end of the party, they can have a look on their app, and see the very emotional moments of the day measured in heartbeats. You can choose to wear a Fit Bracelet or a Smart Watch which can do the same for you.

We discovered that there is a company, named The Touch, who developed a ring which can help you to feel your partner’s heartbeat in real time. What about that ?

Let’s replace the traditional wedding ring with The Touch ring and feel each other whenever we want to.


#2 Why booking a photographer when you can have a drone?

Booking a photographer for your wedding is not trendy anymore. It doesn’t matter where you decided to get married, you can have amazing photos using a drone, capturing that so-called “never-before-possible shots”.


#3 GoPro Bridal Bouquet

If you are thinking of capturing the most hidden moments, you should try to innovate your bridal bouquet, by attaching a GoPro camera to it. Imagine! This means wedding technology ! You can capture the walk down the aisle, the very best and emotional moment of the day.

You can also use robots which can live-stream your entire ceremony. Choose the best corner to place them and they will do the job for you. Not only that, but they can also order a drink at the bar / restaurant if you want, how cool is that?

This is considered the latest evidence that robots could be taking over the planet 😉

Of course now, this kind of tech is available at the moment only in developed countries like New Zealand, US, Canada, UK, Australia, but sooner it will be available in more and more countries all over the world, as their price can be more accessible in time.

At the moment, the price for those interesting robots is between $300 – $1500 a day, depending on the number of features you want installed on him.

 Are you two one of those couples which will start including robots at their wedding ? Let us know in the comments. We are curious about that.

Watch this video for more related info:


#4 3D Printed Wedding Cakes

3D printing caught the eye of the culinary world from 2016, but this year the impact will be huge. You can choose your preferred shape for the cake and personalize it in your 3D printing machine. The possibilities are limitless.

Imagine that you can print almost whatever your mind can think of. You can even print you and your partner as a couple on the top of the cake. The best studios in 3D printing can create a nearly perfect replication of the couple.

You can find here the best 3D studios specialized in weddings. 

This website had indeed some cool 3d ideas you can inspire from >


#5 Make your cake out of ordinary: Light Projections on the Wedding Cake


Disney was the first one launching the idea of creating wedding cakes with digital mapping projections. Just let your imagination do the job here. You can choose whatever photos or videos you want for projecting. Surprise and amuse your guests cuz wedding technology can make it an unforgettable night !


There are some “Wedding tech tools” out here that can help you organize better:

“– Build your own wedding website

 – Send beautiful digital invitations

 – Organize the guest list and create a table plan

 – Collaborate with your friends/ planner/ bride & groom on the wedding style and ideas

 – Crowdfund a honeymoon

 – Find a unique wedding venue

 – Get inspired and collect ideas

 – Share pictures live with guests

 – Create a digital photo booth”

Read more related info from Sofia Nikolaeva at:





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### TL;DR (10 Bullet Points)

1. **Wearable Tech:** Track your heart rate during special moments with smart rings and fitness bracelets.
2. **Drone Photography:** Capture breathtaking aerial shots of your wedding.
3. **GoPro Bouquet:** Attach a GoPro to your bouquet for unique, intimate footage.
4. **Robot Assistance:** Hire robots to live-stream the ceremony or serve drinks.
5. **3D Printed Cakes:** Personalize your wedding cake with custom 3D printed designs.
6. **Light Projections:** Use digital mapping to project images or videos on your cake.
7. **Wedding Websites:** Build a personalized wedding website for better organization.
8. **Digital Invitations:** Send beautiful, eco-friendly digital invites.
9. **Collaborative Planning:** Use apps to coordinate with your planner and guests.
10. **Crowdfunded Honeymoon:** Use online tools to fund your dream honeymoon.