Memory Keepers: 10 Unique Wooden Rings | Embrace Everlasting Love!

Memory Keepers: 10 Unique Wooden Rings | Embrace Everlasting Love!

TOP 10 Custom Made WOODEN RINGS  Which Can Keep Your Memories ALIVE Forever! custom-wooden-rings-memories


Believe in Magic! Create the Magic!

Take your favorite corner from nature and keep it forever in a tiny secret world, into your favorite wooden rings. Take the forest, the flowers and the water, put them together with some love and creativity, and here we go! You have your unique ring with the secret place you’ve visited, keeping that feeling into such a beautiful piece of wooden jewellery. If you ever thought about having the whole world in your arms, now you can!


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Preserve Your Precious Memories with Custom Wooden Rings


Custom Wooden Rings - image concept



  1. Custom wooden rings offer a unique way to keep memories alive.
  2. Secret Wood crafts rings inspired by Canadian landscapes.
  3. Azure Falls is a standout design, capturing the beauty of waterfalls.
  4. Rings are made from wood, resin, and decorative elements like gold flakes.
  5. Production takes 5-6 weeks, with prices ranging from $90 to $180 USD.
  6. Customer service includes sending photos to ensure satisfaction before delivery.
  7. Packaging reflects the ring’s theme, like a wooden box with grass for forest rings.
  8. Ring sizing guide available to ensure a perfect fit.
  9. New arrivals include designs like Silver Ocean Oasis and Ethereal White Flower.
  10. Rings are a blend of artistry and sentimentality, perfect for gift-giving or personal keepsakes.



You can actually have a piece of nature caught in a gorgeous wood ring on your beautiful hand. Secret Wood is the place to search for such amazing jewelry. Wondering how these beauties are created?


It is a Canadian start-up, which is that close to nature and its undiscovered secrets, to the woods, forest, flowers, and waterfalls, that they thought about catching it into small rings. They are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. There is no doubt that the well known Canadian Landscape had inspired and shaped their innovative way of designing rings. From Forest Rings to Universe Ring and Northern Lights Rings, you can find them all on their official website.

Pick your favorite and wore a piece of nature with you anytime you want. Azure Falls is by far my favorite ring on their website. You can see it in the video below:


Once you start wearing these gorgeous pieces of jewelry, you’ll be full of positive energy!



Now you can Keep the Mystery of the woods and of the gorgeous places you travel inside your own custom and unique ring.

About wooden jewelry MATERIALS:

What they have told us is that: Secret Wood’s rings are all made of a combination of many different types of wood and also resin, as well as decorative elements such as blossoms or flakes of gold. Each ring is more than unique and one of a kind, being hand made by awesome crafters.


The process of wooden rings PRODUCTION:

All their rings are handmade by their expert craftsmen in the Vancouver workshop I told you about above. These awesome rings take anywhere from 5 – 6 weeks to be made, ranging in price from $90.00 – $180.00 USD.


Secret Woods’s SERVICES:

What I do find great about their services is that they will send you photos of each and every ring they create for you, in order to make sure you like the shape, color and actually the whole wood ring. Once you are 100% happy with the design, they’ll deliver to you as soon as possible.

No worries or doubt about trying this ring shopping online! If it is the wrong size, they will make sure to replace it with another one which will fit you the best.


Look at their packaging:

They really like what they do, surprising you at every step. If it is a forest ring, then you will receive it in a wooden box filled with fresh grass. As reviews show, if it is a universe ring, then you will receive it in a U shaped kind of box. Have a look at these reviews below and I bet you’ll click and buy one!



Now let’s do some SHOPPING and pick YOUR favorite ring!


NO WORRIES about the ring size! We have a special guide dedicated to you and you will definitely make the best choice. Click the photo below and you will be redirected to a pdf with all the details you need in order to establish the perfect size for you.


And the well-known question comes to my mind:






#1 SILVER OCEAN OASIS – click for the price

Silver Ocean Oasis

Silver Ocean Oasis


#2 SILVER GREEN WOODEN RING – click for the price




#3 SILVER ETHEREAL BLOSSOM – click for the price

Silver Ethereal Blossom

Silver Ethereal Blossom DESCRIPTION


#4 AZURE FALLS WOOD RING – click for the price


Azure Falls Description


#5 CORAL REEF RING – click for the price


Coral Reef Description


#6 BREATH OF FIRE WOOD RING – click for the price



#7 ETHEREAL WHITE FLOWER RING – click for the price


#8 AURORA BOREALIS – click for the price


Aurora Borealis Description


#9 LE BOUQUET RING – click for the price

Le Bouquet

Le Bouquet Description