Sidney Mobell’s Magic: Everyday to Extraordinary Art - Awe-Inspiring Creations

Sidney Mobell’s Magic: Everyday to Extraordinary Art  - Awe-Inspiring Creations

World’s Most Expensive Slot Machine | TOP 5 Most Luxurious Casinos & TOP 3 Best Online Slots You Need to Know


TL;DR / Article Summary

  • Sidney Mobell created the world’s most expensive slot machine, valued at over $20 million. It is gold-plated and covered in precious gems.
  • Mobell transforms ordinary objects into luxurious art pieces, like a gold-encrusted mailbox and diamond-covered phone.
  • His pieces are displayed at the Smithsonian and affiliate museums as “museum treasures and fine art.”
  • We highlighted the top 5 most luxurious casinos globally, including Sun City in South Africa and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.
  • The iconic Hotel de Paris and Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco ooze old world opulence.
  • The Bellagio in Vegas has the most extravagant slots, like the Fort Knox progressive with $1 million+ jackpots.
  • Macau’s Wynn Resort pampers guests with aquatic theatres, Michelin-star dining, and lavish rooms.
  • We recommend the top 3 online slot sites: Free Slots, Slots UP, and Vegas Slots Online. All offer free demos.
  • Choose reputable online slots sites and read the terms and conditions before playing.
  • Online slots can be risky, so do your research before depositing money to play.


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✨ Sidney Mobell’s Midas Touch: Transforming the Mundane into Museum Worthy Masterpieces ✨

The jewellery art of Mobell is unmistakable and irreplaceable. Is all about transforming ordinary things into precious and amazingly designed ones. That’s why he invested in his huge collection and, thanks to his creative mind, changed it into a luxurious one, giving value and meaning to all his art.


Here is what Sidney Mobell tells us about his art:

“I was approached by The Curator of Gems and Minerals of The Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History, in Washington, D.C., in their interest of Having Sidney Mobell”

“and my Jewelled Art Creations to be a part of the Smithsonian Collection, alongside the “Famous Hope Diamond” Donated by Famous Jeweller Harry Winston. I donated 20 of my Jewelled Art Creations, in “Memory and Honor” of My Late Wife, of over 42 years.”

“My Jewelled Art is in the Permanent Collection of the Smithsonian and is on Exhibit for One Year at One of the 115 Smithsonian Affiliate Museums.”


They all irresistibly catch the eye as being considered museum treasures and fine art! Sidney Mobell luxury art covers many strange objects, from a 14-carat gold mobile phone that was encrusted with over 250 precious gems, to an interesting golden mail box embedded with 76,70 carats of semi-precious and precious stones, to a famously expensive slot machine in the world, rated at millions.


“The $21 Million Dollar Slot Machine, and The $4 Million Dollar Gold Jeweled Toilet Seat, is on Loan From Sidney Mobell, and is on Exhibit for the First Time.”, Sidney says, encouraging us to go visit them.


He is also the one who created the gold plated monopoly we’ve talked about before in an article. It looks like he has a really wide imagination, being able to add value to any common object. Here is the article on the golden monopoly: TOP 10 Most Expensive Toys Nowadays, Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

Going back to the most expensive slot machine. How about that? Isn’t it insane?

Maybe this rare piece of art among slot machines is not one of the best slots to play, as it is a museum treasure. It is actually one of those old casino slots that used to be famous. As he said, it is the oldest slot machine out there—that one-armed bandit, operated by one lever on the left or right side of the machine. This is considered to be the most expensive slot machine, being an Art Déco-style model all covered in gold and gemstones from Mobell’s own collection, which is valued at over $20 million. His Million Dollar Slot became famous for being gold-plated and covered with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. It is spectacular, indeed.


The Most Expensive Casinos in the World

As we are crazy about this subject, we should definitely talk about the most expensive and over-the-top casinos around the world. So here we are with the TOP 5 of the most luxurious casinos:


Roll the Dice at Sun City Casino: Lady Luck Awaits in South Africa’s Glitzy Oasis (to be honest, I didn’t expect)

Get ready for an unpredictable and thrilling ride, dear reader! We’re jetting off to the extravagant Sun City Resort and Casino, located in the midst of South Africa’s bushveld region. Now I don’t know about you, but “casino in the middle of the African wilderness” wasn’t on my travel bingo card! This glamorous and lively gambling hot spot certainly subverted my expectations.

So if you’re an adventurous spirit looking to tempt fate and take a gamble on good fortune, Sun City should definitely be on your radar, whether you hail from nearby Rustenburg or are just passing through. With Sun City, every hand at blackjack or spin of the roulette wheel promises heart-thumping excitement! And while beginner’s luck isn’t a guarantee, having fun certainly is.

Here’s a sneak peek at what this unexpected oasis of games and recreation has to offer:

  • Over 850 slot machines to test your luck on – with themes ranging from nature and fantasy to pop culture
  • Table games like blackjack, poker, and baccarat to challenge your inner card shark
  • A cutting-edge sports betting lounge with 60 screens to catch non-stop action
  • Adrenaline-pumping activities like ziplines, quad biking, and waterslides


And while you eagerly watch those slot reels spin or wait in suspense for the croupier’s reveal, don’t forget to sneak in some people-watching! With visitors from all over the world and free-flowing drinks setting the mood, the colourful characters providing entertainment are boundless.

Some insider tips to make the most of Sun City:

  • Avoid visiting during the rainy season from November to February
  • The dress code is smart casual – leave the flip-flops and shorts behind!
  • All guests must be 18+ to enter the casino and nightclub areas
  • Bring your appetite! Sun City’s buffets offer gluttonous spreads of seafood, sushi, roast meats, and more

So what do you say? Are you feeling fortuitous, my friend?

Lady Luck eagerly awaits to see if you’ve got what it takes to beat the house! Just don’t bet the farm in one go, no matter how confident you’re feeling!

Let me know if you end up hitting the jackpot; drinks will be on you!


If you decide to go there, you will find five huge hotels on that property, but we recommend the Palace of the Lost City, which is the most luxurious and extravagant, featuring fountains, marble, and mosaics.


Living Large at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Get ready, folks, because we’re taking a deep dive into the most baller casino resort on planet Earth—Marina Bay Sands in dazzling Singapore. This place makes Vegas look like child’s play with its lavish pools, posh eateries, and straight-up banana price tag of $8 billion smackeroos!

Three Iconic Towers of Awesomeness

Like a majestic crown atop Singapore’s skyline sit Marina Bay Sands‘ three interconnected hotel towers, towering 55 floors into the clouds. And perched 200m high on top? Only the largest infinity pool in the world, baby! Splash away as you soak in 360° views of the city with a cocktail in hand – now that’s what I call livin’ large!

Marina Bay Sands largest infinity pool in the world

Down below, you’ll find the rest of this resort complex packed to the brim with round-the-clock entertainment:

  • Over 2,500 slot machines and 550 table games spread across a 4-story casino – bring your poker face!
  • Three bustling nightclubs pumping out beats all night long – time to get your groove on!
  • ⛸️ If you want to unleash your Michelle Kwan, head to an indoor ice skating rink and show off your triple axels!⛸️


That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the amazing shops, restaurants, theatres, and more packed into this extravagant destination for the wealthy and famous. But don’t worry, us regular folks can feel like royalty here too! So if you’re ready to go out for an unforgettable Singapore experience, Marina Bay Sands is the place to be.  Just remember to bring your credit card and a big appetite for indulgence!









Living Like Royalty: Inside Monaco’s Famed Hotel de Paris & Casino de Monte-Carlo

The renowned hotel de Paris and Casino are a part of the Principality of Monaco. The place is an essential asset for the people living in Monaco and the tourist visiting the place. The Hotel de Paris is a five-star hotel with gardens and fashionable casinos and bars. The Christian de Portzamparc designed the place after the failure of Charles Garnier plan. The Hôtel de Paris is a prominent hotel amongst the swank hotels.

Hotel de Paris and Casino de Monte-Carlo

The image suggests entering the lobby area, looking at polished marble floors, hanging chandeliers, staff in lawyer-tailored suits, and so on and so forth. Which place comes to your mind? Being in the casino? 600 million euros were invested in the renews of the hotel and casino.


The Posh and Palatial Hotel de Paris

  • Built in 1864, renovated in 2014
  • Belle Epoque style building overlooking Place du Casino
  • Suites have terraces with harbor or casino views
  • Home to 3 Michelin-star Le Louis XV restaurant
  • Oozes old world opulence – think ornate ceilings and chandeliers for days!

Fun fact: In the late 80s, Prince Rainier III challenged renowned chef Alain Ducasse to open a 3-star restaurant here in under 4 years…and he did it in 3! ‍

Alain Ducasse

What guests love:

  • Location, location, location – it’s at the heart of all the action!
  • Stunning rooms and suites – expect luxury amenities like Hermès toiletries
  • People watching from the terrace at Le Bar Américain
  • Michelin-star dining experiences right onsite


Good to know:

  • It’s one of the most expensive hotels in Monaco, with rates over €10,000 a night!
  • The building has a lot of history – Grace Kelly celebrated her engagement here
  • Be prepared to rub shoulders with the jetset crowd
  • Bring your best designer duds to fit in

I’d love to experience Hotel de Paris someday. Who’s with me? ‍♀️ Add it to your Monaco bucket lists, my friends!


Monte Carlo Glitz at Casino de Monte-Carlo

  • Opened in 1863, inspired by the luxury casinos of Germany
  • Ornate Beaux Arts façade and Atrium full of marble and gold
  • Home to European Poker Tour Grand Final every year
  • Appeared in James Bond’s “Casino Royale” and “Never Say Never Again”

Some highlights inside this temple of chance:

  • Salle Europe – Most prestigious room with roulette & Trente et Quarante
  • Salle des Amériques – Popular for slot machines and blackjack
  • Salons Privés – Private gaming rooms for high rollers


Insider tips:

  • Try your luck at the slot machines when the casino opens – the payout rate is higher!
  • Dress code is strict – jackets required for men
  • Visit on a slow day to avoid crowds and get better table access
  • Enjoy a drink at the Bar des Palmiers overlooking the gaming rooms


I don’t know about you, but I’m itching for a chance to glam it up Vegas-style and try my luck on the tables! Maybe one spin and I’ll become an instant millionaire (hey, a girl can dream!).

So there you have it – an inside look at two of Monaco’s crown jewels! Have you been to either hotspot before? Share your experiences in the comments!









The Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Vegas

Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Vegas

Yes! For so many years, people used to associate “casino slots” with Las Vegas. Well, they were right because this is the heaven of slots. It is time to talk about Vegas, the well-known place for poker, and all things related to casinos. The most expensive slot machine in Vegas is located at Bellagio, with the most extravagant and luxurious design. The place is not appreciated only for its casino slots but also for its unique water fountain shows.



Roll Up, Roll Up – It’s Time to Spin Those Reels at the Bellagio!

Forget everything you thought you knew about casino slots. When it comes to the most glitzy, glam, and downright extravagant slots experience, there’s only one place that fits the bill: the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Vegas, baby!

I know, I know—for years, people automatically associated slots with Vegas in general. And sure, Sin City has no shortage of places to pump coins into the machines. But trust me, my fellow gamblers, the Bellagio is on a whole other level. This is slots heaven, plain and simple!


Lady Luck Lives Here

Bellagio Casino slots

One step inside the Bellagio Casino floor, and your eyes will pop out of your head. We’re talking miles of colourful, flashing slots as far as you can see, with high-tech video screens and surround sound systems that’ll blow you away! It’s enough to get even the most seasoned slot jockey weak at the knees.

Bellagio Casino casino slots

But the pièce de résistance has to be the Fort Knox progressive slot machine. With a top jackpot that regularly exceeds $1 million, it’s officially the most expensive slot in all of Vegas! We’re talking reels spinin’ for high rollers only here, folks. Us average Joes will have to live vicariously…for now.


More Than Just Slots

But don’t think the Bellagio is just a one-trick pony. This place also boasts world-class restaurants, an art gallery with masterpieces from Picasso and Warhol, Cirque du Soleil shows that’ll leave your head spinning, and…drumroll,please, the magnificent Fountains of Bellagio!

These dancing, water-ballet fountains set to music are like nothing I’ve ever seen. And the best part? The free nightly shows are open to the public along the manmade 8.5-acre lake right outside the hotel lobby! Grab a front-row spot to watch jets of water shoot up to 460 feet in the air perfectly in sync to classics like “My Heart Will Go On.” I’m telling you, it’ll give you goosebumps.

So come one, come all—there’s never been a better time to try your luck at the most luxurious slots in Vegas and take in all of the spectacular sights and sounds the Bellagio has to offer! I’ll be the one glued to the Fort Knox machine, you know, just in case lady luck decides to smile on me.





Luxury and Leisure in Macau’s Premier Resort

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau


Folks, let me tell you about the over-the-top opulence of Wynn Macau—this place is fancy with a capital ‘F’! From the moment you step into the glittering lobby with its crystal chandeliers and golden decor, you know you’re in for a supremely luxurious experience. This resort pulls out all the stops to pamper its guests. We’re talking world-class dining, sublime spas, and an aquatic theatre with a stage that rises out of the water for a mesmerising performance of grace and strength by nearly 100 synchronised swimmers and divers. Now that’s what I call entertainment!

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau aquatic theatre

But the true jewel in Wynn Macau’s crown has to be their signature spa. Step into this sprawling wellness oasis and be prepared to feel like royalty as you’re treated to exclusive therapies like a silk glove massage, which will leave your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau spa

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau relaxing spa

After all that relaxing, you’ll need a glamorous spot to unwind with a cocktail or two. Look no further than the striking Cristal Bar, illuminated by a stunning 19th century chandelier that once hung in the Paris Opera House. Sip on their signature Sakura Martini under this sparkling work of art—now that’s what I call drinking in style!

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau Cristal Bar

Sakura Martini


The Best Bits About Wynn Macau

  • Over-the-top luxury and world-class amenities
  • Aquatic theatre with incredible water acrobatic shows
  • Sprawling spa with unique treatments like silk glove massage
  • Glitzy bars and lounges, including Cristal Bar under a majestic chandelier
  • Diverse dining options range from casual eateries to Michelin-starred restaurants


Insider Tip: Make sure to catch the free Performance Lake Show for a truly jaw-dropping spectacle of aquatic entertainment!

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau Performance Lake Show

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau Performance Lake Show In daytime

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau Performance Lake Show - by

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau Performance Lake Show nighttime

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau Performance Lake spectacular Show nighttime

Wynn Macau Leisure resort in Macau Performance Lake spectacular Show in nighttime
Wynn Palace, located in the heart of Cotai, Macau, officially opened to the world with a spectacular Performance Lake show choreographed to its signature song, ‘Elegance’. (PRNewsFoto/Wynn Resorts)

Wynn Macau lake show

Wynn Palace, Macau lake show

Wynn Palace, Macau lake show in nighttime


So if you’re looking for an ultra-indulgent escape where money is no object, head straight for Wynn Macau! This place redefines extravagance with its lavish rooms decked out in silk and marble, array of Michelin-starred dining, and amenities fit for royalty. Just be prepared to splurge, because at these prices, luxury definitely comes at a cost!


Online Slot Machines

And now, let’s have a talk on online slots and the best online slot machines to play, have fun, and why, earning some good money.

When you decide to go for a game and you are searching for slots online, make sure your research is well done, and you will not end up on a strange website that will steal your deposit. So, online slots can be dangerous as long as you go random on their sites. You better ask for some opinions on them (from friends who used them before or, why not, on specific forums where people around the world will help you). You must read all their terms & conditions presented on the website, so you will be prepared for anything that can happen.

Don’t forget that, even if it is a fun world, playing slots online requires some knowledge and assuming the risks involved. Online slots are easy to find. only one click away, and, because you can end up on the wrong website, we thought about sharing the TOP 3 best online slots with you. Not only are they the best online slots, but they are also free slots.


They have all kinds of slots, offering you the opportunity to choose your favorite. The website will provide the slot games in many languages: English, Deutsch, Françai, Español, Português, Italiano, Nederlands, and Norsk. Please don’t forget to read their Terms of Use.


In second place, we recommend SlotsUP, a very user-friendly platform. They have more than 3000 online slots, all of which are free slot machines with no need for download or registration. Each online casino has maybe hundreds of slots to offer, so be ready to face this huge number. You’ll also find 3D and Full HD slot machines for free.


As we have talked before about Vegas and its gorgeous number of slots, here are some online slots named after the famous city of casinos. You don’t have to bet real money; you can use the trial version and see if you have luck. Search for the demo mode, and you will see. On the home page, you will find online slots, aristocrat slots, bally ones, and many other free games to spend your free time. They have a list of the best online slots. Find it here.

If you try them, please leave a comment below and let us know which is the best.








✨ Sidney Mobell's Midas Touch: Transforming the Mundane into Museum Worthy Masterpieces ✨

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